Sponsor Services

Clinically Media flawlessly executes patient-centered recruitment campaigns that will get your trial filled on time and minimize your financial risk. Our personalized approach to patient recruitment enables us to pair your exact wants and needs with our expertise in marketing, design, and analytics. 

Project Management

We create and execute a strategic plan that aligns with your time and budget constraints. Our adaptability ensures your goals are met despite any unforeseen obstacles or changes.

Site Relationship Management

We provide valuable resources - portal software and training materials - and round-the-clock support for each of your research sites. This keeps both parties connected and motivated throughout the enrollment process.

Training Materials

Study coordinators and medical staff will go forth with confidence when performing the study procedure following our step-by-step print, digital, or video training materials. 

Data Analytics

Sophisticated analytics are gathered and presented during each stage of the recruitment campaign. This ensures we are optimizing performance, reducing costs, and maintaining a streamlined campaign.

Targeted Advertising

Our team of digital marketing experts use sophisticated data to segment consumers by demographics or interests in order to reach the right target audience.

Landing Page Design

We design and build study websites that effectively pull in audiences and convert them to the next stage in the clinical trial process.

Advertisement Design & Production

Captivate your target audience with our functional, visually appealing digital, social media, and print advertisements (brochures, flyers, posters, etc). 

How it Works

Connected and Engaged Patient Communities
Custom Targeted Advertisements
In Depth Pre-Qualification Form
Secure and Trackable Patient Portal Access
Optional Pre-Screening Support
Your Eligible Referrals
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Other Offerings


Everything from your logo to your color palette to your company’s website speaks volumes about who your company is, what you stand for, and whether or not you appeal to the people you want to appeal to. Image is growing more and more important every day in this digital age.


Is your company’s brand out of date and tired? Let’s work together to make sure the image your company is projecting is indeed the one you want to be.


Erica, Candesant

“A true partner from the very beginning -- Clinically Media is a go to team for establishing corporate branding and commercialization planning.  Whether our needs be complete website redesign, social media strategy or efficient market research execution, Clinically Media delivers on time, on budget, with quality work and creative recommendations.  I’d highly recommend this team as an extension of your own.”

David, Brickell Biotech

"Clinically Media exceeded our expectations in their recruitment support for Brickell’s two Phase 3 trials. They were efficient and nimble in providing both an umbrella recruitment strategy and customized support directly to sites to ensure our aggressive enrollment goal was met."

L.A. Romel, Lawrence Romel Consulting

"Clinically Media delivered outstanding, high quality creative, visual and graphic web-based solutions within our agreed timelines. I enjoyed collaborating with Victoria and her team, and will definitely consider using their services for future clinical studies. I strongly recommend Clinically Media to other companies."