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Providing Everything You Need for Successful Patient Recruitment

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Patient Referral Portal

Your site will be automatically set up with our secure, HIPAA compliant patient portal. Gain easy access to all patient data, including contact information, subject progress, and scheduling. Customizable fields enable you to stay organized and optimize referral engagement. 

Individual Campaigns

Our team will spearhead your recruitment efforts with the use of landing pages, digital and print advertising, and targeted social media marketing so you can continue to focus on what's important - patient satisfaction. 


Site Success

Our friendly, in-house site success coordinators will be available through multi-channel communication to assist site staff with recruitment and marketing objectives. 

Recruitment Stages





"Clinically Media has been a total success with our practice! The one-on-one professionalism and honest dedication to growing our population has been a resounding success. We look forward to our continuing relationship, thank you!"

Jenna, Windsor Dermatology